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Fats metabolism & nutrition: 5 simple facts

* FACT N. 1 Fats are the group of main nutrients which needs most care and awareness from the viewpoint of a health-conscious person.

* FACT N. 2 The body takes in food from these three forms of nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The body then transforms that nourishment into energy, which we measure in calories, and the energy is subsequently burnt off in the course of normal daily activities. If a person takes in more energy than s/he burns off, that person gains weight.

* FACT N. 3 Of all groups of nutrients, fat is by far the biggest single source of calories. Each gram of fat contains more than double the calories contained in a gram of protein or carbohydrate, and so is more difficult to burn off. Protein and carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram; fat has 9 calories per gram.

* FACT N. 4 In addition, the fat obtained from food is broken down and used as energy only when the other sources of energy, protein and carbohydrates, have been exhausted. Till then, the body will store it as body fat, or adipose tissue. So the secret to lose weight is not so much to cut down your total calorie intake, as to cut down the number of calories derived from fat in it.

* FACT N. 5 In a word, excess fat makes you fat. This has been confirmed in carefully controlled scientific studies. The Dunn Nutrition Centre, in Cambridge, England, has performed a research showing that, of a group of people fed exactly the same number of calories, those who got 60 % of those calories from fatty foods spontaneously gained weight. Those whose diets were 40 % made up of fats also gained weight, albeit to a lesser extent. Those who derived just 25 % of their calories from fat lost weight.




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