Wednesday 29th January 2020
Spaghetti with chilli and olive oil

Low Fat. Healthy Recipes

Reduce Fat in Your Diet for Weight Loss

Less fats in your diet. Eating less fats has two main benefits: better health and weight loss. The fat-rich diets of affluent countries are a major cause of the diseases most common in the Western world, from cancer to heart disease. These diets are also the source of that other typically Western condition: obesity.

The average Western person consumes around 165 grams of fat a day. Most nutritionists recommend a much lower intake: around 83 grams for men and 63 grams for women.


10 easy tips: simple, clever ways to reduce fat

Nori and mushrooms risottoSome easy nutritional tips to follow to reduce your fat intake:

* 1. Don't butter your bread or toast. Use margarine, or jam, or nothing.

* 2. Don't put milk in your coffee or tea. Do you know that tea is delicious with lemon instead? Or use soya milk.

* 3. Replace cheese with tofu or soya cheese. An excellent alternative to Parmesan cheese is soy Parmesan cheese, also called Soymage Parmesan. A lactose-free cheese alternative is hard to find. This Parmesan cheese alternative is low in fat and calories and is casein-free and cholesterol-free.

* 4. Pasta in a tomato sauce (but not a creamy sauce or a bolognese sauce, which contains minced meat) is a low-fat meal, rich in fibre. Spaghetti with chilli, garlic and olive oil (pictured above) is a mouthwatering, healthy recipe.

* 5. If you'd like a bolognese sauce, or for any other dish where meat is ordinarily used, use textured soy protein, in bits, mix, or chunks
It's very low in fat and a good source of fibre, it comes as dried chunks, mince or flakes, to which you add water before using in a recipe. Unflavored textured soya protein is essentially fat-free, since it is defatted during the manufacturing process. Textured soya protein, also called TVP, is a complete protein, containing the essential amino acids. TVP is also high in isoflavones, which have been shown to reduce cholesterol and cancer rates.
You can have soy in many froms, it's very versatile: veggie burger mix, dried soy mince/crumble, bits.

* 6. Baked beans are an excellent snack: they're high in energy but very low in fat.

* 7. Baked potatoes (without butter or cheese!) are another low-fat snack.

* 8. Sea vegetables are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals (especially the rare and precious iodine), and low in fat. There are several types of sea greens: spirulina, nori, kelp, agar agar, chlorella, Irish moss, alaria, dulse, bladderwrack.
Kelp, or laminaria, a sea green, fights excess weight and allows a better assimilation of sugars and fats, thereby reducing the level of cholesterol. Above on the left you see a picture of risotto with mushrooms and the sea vegetable nori.

* 9. The sea vegetable agar agar adds bulk to meals without increasing calories, and so helps to curb appetite. Perfect between or before meals for good nutrition without the heaviness of bulky food.

* 10. Replace eggs with whole flaxseed .
Flaxseed is a source of omega 3 fatty acids, which protect against heart disease, cancer, skin and intestinal problems and sore joints, and which are usually destroyed in processed foods. Grind whole flaxseed in your blender or coffee grinder and add to cereal, baked goods, and shakes.



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