Tuesday 25th February 2020

Human Health and
Animal Ethics

How to further both with the same steps

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  • Why

Why Human Health and Animal Ethics? Because the majority of people believe that both animal testing and meat eating are necessary to human health. These are also the greatest and worst forms of animal exploitation, so on the surface there appears to be a conflict of interests.

  • But

But if we explore below the surface, we see that this is not the case. In fact, the opposite is true: both animal testing and meat eating are not good for human health.

  • First

First for animal experimentation, the claim that it is a precious, indeed irreplaceable method of biomedical research has been made many times but never been substantiated. Not only it is an unreliable and therefore dangerous technique when used to make predictions about humans, but there are more effective and better validated methods in alternative.

  • And

And for meat eating, there is a wealth of evidence that vegetarian nutrition is better for health and a vegetarian diet is closer to the recommendations of medical authorities.


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